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    Restorative Justice for All
    Information recorded here is kept confidential

    Child’s personal details:


    Parents’/carers’ details/Emergency Contact:

    Booking Information:

    I am:

    Child’s medical information/individual needs:

    Known medical conditions, allergies, special dietary and health needs:

    If yes, please give details

    Details of any medication being used:

    To the best of your knowledge has your child been in contact with any contagious or infectious diseases, or suffered anything that may be, or become contagious or infectious?

    If yes, please give details:

    Photographs and videos:
    The issue of child safety is taken very seriously at Restorative Justice for All. This includes the use of images of children. These may be used for display/training purposes within the playgroup.
    Including images of children in Restorative Justice for All publications and on Restorative Justice for All’s website can be motivating for the children involved. However, we have a duty of care towards children, which means that children must remain unidentifiable, reducing the risk of inappropriate contact, if images are used in this way.
    We ask that parents consent to Restorative Justice for All taking and using photographs and images of their children.
    We will never include the full name of the pupil alongside an image.

    Permission for Photographs and Digital Images

    I consent to photographs and digital images of the child named below, appearing in Restorative Justice for All publications/website. I understand that the images will be used only for educational purposes and that the identity of my child will be protected.

    Please note that: Restorative Justice for All reserves the right to amend the terms/conditions and registration fees at any time.

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