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Spinning Class: November 27, 2021

South East London where RJ4All’s Community Centre is based has higher levels of deprivation and disadvantage. Since April 202p, we have also recorded higher levels of victimisation and anti-social behaviour particularly within certain SE16 areas and populations. 
This project consisting of spinning classes at our centre as well as dietary and mental health counselling will have a healing effect on the mental health of our participants. We are targeting those who cannot afford joining a gym or who are prevented due to cultural barriers. Over 70% of our users and local residents are from BAME communities, with some experiencing different forms of violence, such as domestic violence. 
The need for assistance within these aforementioned communities is supported by the solid evidence RJ4All has collected. Since April, RJ4All has been delivering COVID-19 emergency support services to South-East London residents, with a particular focus on mental health, and food/PPE provision. Through our helpline and e-forum we collected hundreds of statements of disadvantaged locals in need and so raised serious concerns in relation to local residents’ mental health, while also bringing up issues of basic survival. Many showed symptoms of anxiety and stress, loneliness and the fear and loss of hope generated by the uncertainty associated with lockdown and the high circulation of the virus in our area. Some even disclosed self-harming and drug abuse.

Plan of Action

Sport activities, dietary and mental health counselling sessions that we have planned at the centre can provide numerous physical and mental benefits such as the improvement of circulation and weight control. They can also help increase confidence, flexibility and make people feel more secure in their daily lives. A key mission of our organisation is also to promote intercultural awareness as well as community cohesion. By bringing a diverse group of people together and through the power of sports we know that barriers can be brought down.


Spinning classes will be held every Saturday between 12:00 and 12:45 PM. They will be run by our Personal Trainer Olga Ribaka and overseen by our Director Dr. Theo Gavrielides. We only have 5 spinning bikes and thus demand is high.


All members are required to complete RJ4ALL PAR-Q form before taking part in any activities organised by RJ4ALL. In addition, this is also part of our terms and conditions. If you are unsure whether you can take part in physical activities at RJ4ALL, please do consult with your GP or Doctor.

Click to Download, fill it out and send to 



RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre

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This free online sports events are organised by Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) International Institute. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and put to good use through the funding of RJ4All’s charity various work.


The nominal £1 fee is required to ensure that this booking is honoured. Every booking takes away a place from someone else. RJ4All uses charitable funds to hold the activity that is being booked. Non attendance means not only that someone missed out from our charitable service, but also that we have wasted charitable funds that we have been entrusted with. If you feel that you cannot afford £1 please ask for a refund once you have turned up and the RJ4All team will be happy to give it back to you. If it relates to an online class, we will refund it electronically once you have attended and requested for it.



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  • November 27, 2021 12:00 pm   -   12:45 pm
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