The RJ4All Rotherhithe Community Centre

+44(0)7708758600 Plough Way London SE16 2LJ, UK

Team List

My name is Akinolugbade Ayobami and I am the Fitness and Centre manager at RJ4ALL. Previously, I was the Gym Manger at the University of West London (04/2020 to 09/2021) where I was responsible for the management of the university sports centre’s daily operations. I also led on creating, managing and implement all Health and Safety requirements, including all procedures in relation to fire precaution, evacuation, first aid, standard operating procedures, policies, Covid-19 measures, risk assessment and medical emergency. I also worked as the Community Fitness Manager of the Central Girls’ Foundation School (04/2019 to 04/2020) leading on all aspects of the school gym day to day operations and programming of gym sessions.

I am Dr. Theo Gavrielides, the Founder and Director of the RJ4All International Institute and RJ4All sports. In addition to my love for the work that we do at RJ4All, I have a passion for sports and nutrition. Having observed first-hand the power of sports, I know that they can unite people of all ages and across abilities, while enabling us to learn about each other.

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